Rules: Read before posting!

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Rules: Read before posting! Empty Rules: Read before posting!

Post  CalebLenox on Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:45 pm

There will be no Spamming (yes no spamming emotes emotes), this means you can have a total of 3 (three) emotes PER sentence. But please do not just type in random sentences just so you can get in alot of emotes.

Do not post explict (bad) images or talk about stuff not worthy to God.

No double posting, this means if you post something replying to a post and then you post agian in a row without someone else posting. If you need to add or post something else that you forgot to add then edit your post.

Posts must be atleast 1 (one) full sentences long. If you want to post some emote or 'ROFL' or ' LOL' then do that in the chat box, that is why we made the chatbox.

If you have any questions just pm me Smile

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